What is gtpdd?

So you’ve stumbled across gtpdd. Right about now, you’re probably questioning the life choices that brought you to the blog of a group of uberdedicated Louisiana Tech fans. You’re also probably thinking “what the hell is gtpdd, anyway?”

Well, first off, “gtpdd” stands for “go tech pls dont die.” It’s an exclamation best uttered before Tech goes and is most effective if they have not yet died. You see, we here at gtpdd love Tech sports. As such, we would prefer that Tech go and not die on every occasion. Despite our best attempts at convincing our teams to go and not die, sometimes Tech does not go and also dies (see ODU 2014, USM 2015/2016/2017, etc).

The phrase “go tech pls dont die” was first coined by gtpdd cofounder Matt Gallion, who set it as the name of a chat group before Louisiana Tech’s 2014 season opener at Oklahoma. That chat group consisted of Matt, Evan Spencer, and Daniel Adams. The three formed the group to discuss Tech going and not dying. (Daniel specifically wants me to say that he created the chat and don’t you forget it)

Since then, the group has expanded to include Nathan Ruppel, Josh Farrar, and Daniel Spencer. Evan created a Twitter account, from which he doles out Skip memes to the masses. Nathan created this blog and started providing #content to enhance our #brand. gtpdd continues to expand.

The goal of gtpdd is to be a group of fans that writes silly blogs that are sometimes serious, runs contests that are competitive and also nonsensical, and provides the best Skip Holtz memes on the entire internet.

Now that you’re initiated, go check out some of our greatest hits:

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