C-USA Mega Pick’Em

Welcome to gtpdd’s CUSA Mega-Pick’Em!

Each week, you’ll predict the outright winner of each Conference USA Football matchup. Each matchup correctly picked is worth ONE point.

But there’s a twist! Each week you’ll be able to select ONE matchup that you’re just SO confident about… Why not put your money fake gtpdd points where your mouth is by making it your LOCK OF THE WEEK? Choose one matchup and then bet between 0 and 5 points… but beware, being wrong about your LOCK OF THE WEEK means you lose those points!

At the end of the year, the winner will receive a prize TBD!


Home Teams are always listed first.

Some games start early in the week. If you submit after a game starts, you can’t get points for that game. All entries must be submitted by the time the last game of the week kicks off, or you can’t score any points.

If any games are cancelled prior to kickoff, no points will be won or lost on that game (even if you choose it as your LOCK OF THE WEEK).

Without further ado, here’s this week’s CUSA Mega Pick’Em:

2021 CUSA Mega-Pick'Em Week 13
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FRIDAY 11/26 1:00 PM CT
11/27 12:00 PM CT
11/27 1:00 PM CT
11/27 1:00 PM CT
11/27 2:00 PM CT
11/27 2:30 PM CT
11/27 6:00 PM CT
Pick one game to be your LOCK OF THE WEEK. If you don't want to choose, you don't have to. In the next question, choose the amount you'd like to bet. Remember, if you're wrong, you lose the points! Make sure you pick a game that you are eligible to score points on (aka one that happens AFTER you submit picks)
Selected Value: 0
How many points, 0 thru 5, do you bet on your LOCK OF THE WEEK?
If you miss a game, you're losing three points!