Welcome to the gtpdd Baseball Contest!

This is a weekly contest that pits baseball knowledge against random statistics. The goal here is to predict some outcomes of Louisiana Tech’s baseball games.

Each week’s quiz is worth up to 5 points. There will be an extra quiz for the C-USA Baseball Tournament worth 13 points, equally a total possible point total of 88. You know, like the Spirit of ’88. Now, you may be thinking “Isn’t the Spirit of ’88 a football thing?” My response to that is: “Umm… no comment.”

Some weeks will have questions that (if answered) can multiply that week’s score by a magnitude of 2 or 3. This is so that if someone forgets to do the contest one week, they might still have a chance to catch up (while not punishing those that haven’t missed a week). We’ll have more on those Bonus Multiplier questions in a few weeks when we have our first one.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s do the contest:

Questions with a red background (if any) must be answered before the midweek games to count

gtpdd Baseball Contest - Week 13
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