This is a weekly contest that combines baseball knowledge with unknowable and often un-guess-able random statistics! The goal here is to predict some outcomes of Louisiana Tech’s baseball games.

The cut-off time each week is the start of the first game that week. So if Tech has a mid-week game on Tuesday at 6pm, any contest submissions that are submitted after 6pm on Tuesday will not count for that week’s games.

This year’s baseball contest is designed not to punish players who miss a week or two. Each week, the questions will be exactly the same, but the answers will often change.

So if you said Tech would win 2 games last week and forget to fill the contest out this week, that answer of “2 games” will carry over to this week. Think of it like fantasy football, where if you forget to set a lineup one week, it just uses the previous week’s lineup.

There are 14 weeks in the regular season, and each week you can score up to 10 points, by answering all four normal questions correctly (for 5 points) and getting the bonus questions correct too, which doubles those 5 points to 10.

Throughout the season, keep your eyes open on twitter @gotechplsdntdie for other prizes and announcements!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s this week’s contest:

2022 gtpdd Baseball Contest
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Games Won: 0
2 points. [Note: This slider goes up to 5, but there might not be 5 games this week.]
1 point. [Players that don't start at least one of the games this week are not eligible.]
1 point. [Note: If the same pitcher starts two games, the two games are not combined. For example, let's say Ryan Jennings starts Game 1 and faces 20 batters, then starts Game 3 and faces 10. Cade Gibson only starts Game 2 and faces 24 batters. In this scenario, the correct answer would be "The pitcher who starts the second game"]
1 point.
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