This year, the weekly contest copies the three common bets from sports betting and removes the ability to financially ruin you. It’s just for fun and bragging rights on Twitter! Each week, we’ll update the spread and point total (using ESPN provided odds) and you’ll answer the three simple questions below.

For example – if the spread is Tech by 3, Tech would need to win by 4 or more points to beat the spread. If the spread was FIU by 7, Tech would either need to win or lose by no more than 6 to cover the spread.

Point total is a bit more simple. It’s just the combined number of points scored by both teams. If the expected point total is 50 and the final score is Tech 24 – FIU 21, the actual point total is 45, which is under the expected point total of 50.

Each of the three questions is worth one point. So there are a total of three points available each week.

The cut-off time each week is kickoff time for that week’s game. So if Tech plays on Saturday at 6pm, any contest submissions that are submitted after 6pm on Saturday will not count for that week’s games.

Answers carry over from week to week. So if you answered Tech would win in Week 1 and forgot to fill out the contest in Week 2, you’ll be graded on that Week 1 answer.

There are 12 weeks in the regular season, and each week you can score up to 3 points each week. That a maximum season-ending score of 36.

Throughout the season, keep your eyes open on twitter @gotechplsdntdie for other prizes and announcements!

Anyway, without further ado, here’s this week’s contest:


Jacksonville State is favored over Tech by 9.5 points

Point Total

The Bulldogs and Gamecocks are expected to combine for 55.5 points

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