2017 #gtpddContest Football Recap

Well, the 2017 Tech football season has come and gone. It wasn’t the season we all hoped for, but it did provide us with some entertaining moments and plenty of fodder for the “dont die” part of go tech pls dont die. Oftentimes it seemed that Tech did not go and also died, and therefore the mission of go tech pls dont die is as important as ever.

Anyway, on to the final installment of the contest!

This week, the big winner was Stephen S, who scored 14 points. That’s especially impressive because no one scored any points on question 2.

Let’s run through the correct answers really quickly, and then get on to the season results!

Question 1: Who will win the game?

Answer: Louisiana Tech

Results: Everyone picked Tech! Woo!

Question 2: How many points will the winning team win by?

Answer: 41 points.

Results: While everyone picked Tech, no one picked them by more than a touchdown. Everyone was faithful, but expecting a shootout.

Question 3: Which team will have a higher average yards per play?

Answer: Tech (5.49 ypp; SMU had 3.92)

Results: 5 people got this one right.

Question 4: How many TOTAL yards will J’Mar Smith gain?

Answer: 231 (215 passing, 16 rushing)

Results: Reecedawg came the closest, guessing 256.

Question 5: How many penalties will be accepted in the game?

Answer: 10

Results: Wow. 10 was a very popular choice. Nathan, Reecedawg, and sethbot got it exactly right, with three more answering 9 to pick up full points. Everyone scored at least 1 point on this one.

Question 6: True or False: In the first half, Tech will have more rushing attempts than SMU.

Answer: False (Tech had 19, SMU had 21)

Results: Only three people got this right.

Bonus: If you mapped the hometown of each touchdown scorer in the game, would that point be east or west of the Texas-Louisiana border?

Answer: East

Results: 6 players got this one right. The only player to score from West of Louisiana was SMU’s kicker.

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 10.53.21 AM

Season Results

Okay, so the season is over. This year, we had 50 unique participants across 13 different games. We had six participants that remembered to play every single week: Daniel A, Evan S, Mike the Spike, sethbot, Shelby Maddox, and Josh F. Next year, I think I’ll do an opt in for email reminders (if people are interested in that sort of thing).

So, as you probably all know by now, this year’s big winner is Daniel Adams (147 points). He dominated the competition, winning by 19 points over the next best competitor (Evan, 128 points). In third place, we’ve got Mike the Spike (126 points).

Here is a table with the final scores of everyone who scored at least 30 points this year:

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRhSGBFVCw8udVUqof7_JDQMWdAdmx1Gd2tios26MRXp0-e6ElByX56hW9uUalF2mdlWFsxLR0bbv5S/pubchart” query=”oid=1685552938&format=interactive” /]

Finally, the winner of Best Average came down to the wire, but it ultimately goes to Taylor Young. He participated 8 times, averaging 11.5 points per game. He only scored in single digits one of those times!

Congrats to Daniel and Taylor. We’ll have the prize trophies done soon. Daniel has an as yet unseen trophy coming to him, while Taylor will get the original “test print” trophy. Both trophies were made by Kyle Kight.

Be sure to check back next year for more gtpdd football contests! Also, remember that the gtpdd Basketball contest is underway, and will continue with new weeks starting in January!

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