2019 gtpdd Contest Recap

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve done a long-form recap of the gtpdd Contest. What better time to get caught up than right before Tech’s Bowl game (aka the last gtpdd Contest of the year)?!?

This season was a lot of fun, and the competition level was ludicrously high. Last season’s winner scored 147 points in 13 games. This season, we’ve got three players past that mark in just 11 games!

As you all hopefully know, this season I made some changes to the format of the contest. Since pretty much everyone misses a week here or there, I figured it would be fair to pull a sixth grade teacher on ya and erase your lowest scoring week. I’m not sure if we’ll do that in the future, so let me know what you think!


This year’s contest had 92 unique participants who scored an average of 10.4 points per contest. If you had scored 10.4 points in 11 contests, you’d currently be tied for #20 overall with maxhatter. We had 15 players that entered all 12 contests, and 8 more that used their freebie week to skip out on playing.

Current Standings

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRYozUPt4VzOdN3mfzfBVe5RSPFpd7ACbrp1G7soVJMQDcMZbdMUh0Ia3SyuY3Ri8kbMtMpr0HC7y4f/pubhtml” query=”widget=true&headers=false” /]

Individual Week Winners

Now’s the time where I’ll give a shout out to all of those folks lucky enough to win a week of the contest and get a unique to them sticker. I’m only a little mad and jealous that I haven’t won one of these bad boys in either of the two years I’ve done it.

  • Week 1: @Texas, #8 Carson Basinger, 22 points
  • Week 2: vs. Grambling, #1 Brian Basinger, 17 points
  • Week 3: @BSGU, #38 Jake Altman, 16 points
  • Week 4: vs. FIU, #3 Caleb Basinger, 21 points
  • Week 5: @Rice, #42 Michael, 14 points
  • Week 6: vs. uMass, #29 JC, 17 points
  • Week 7: vs. USM. #24 Hayden Hicks, 19 points
  • Week 8: @UTEP, #32 Lance P, 17 points
  • Week 9: vs. UNT, #32 Lance P, 16 points
  • Week 10: @Marshall, #5 SteveyTI, 18 points
  • Week 11: @UAB, #48 Stephen, 23 points
  • Week 12: vs. UTSA, #3 Caleb Basinger, 19 points

A special shoutout is in order for Stephen, who had not played the contest until he came in and scored 23 points on his first go. The only question he didn’t get full credit for was “Which team will have the longest pass play from scrimmage in the first half?” Unfortunately it wasn’t Tech, like he predicted. Even more impressive? That week there was a tie between him and #4 Dawgbytes, but Stephen got closer on the tiebreaker question. I believe that 23 points is the highest mark ever set in a contest, and it happened twice in one game!

Week winners, if you have not received your sticker yet and would like to, please hit me up on twitter. Just tweet at our main account and I’ll dm you!

Where we stand now

With one contest to go to determine the champion who’ll win our dope-ass trophy, I figured I’d give an update so people know what they’re playing for in the Bowl edition of the contest.

Best overall score: Note that I have already removed each player’s lowest score from the equation for this. Barring any major meltdowns at the top, there are really three players in contention for the gtpdd Contest trophy. For a reminder, here’s last year’s trophy:

Shout out Kyle Kight for designing and printing this magnificent beast

The three players at the top are:

  • Brian Basinger, 160 points
  • Taylor Young, 157 points
  • Caleb Basinger, 153 points

These three players have the best shot to win the overall points award and be crowned the 2019 gtpdd Contest Champion.

Best Average: To qualify for this award, you have to participate in at least three editions of the gtpdd Contest. While the prize for this is not as cool as the trophy, you win a unique sticker! Unsurprisingly, the three players listed above are the current top candidates for Best Average. Taylor Young averages 13.83 points per contest, Brian Basinger 13.58 ppc, and Caleb 13.25 ppc.

BUT in an interesting twist, our week 11 winner and two-time player Stephen has a very good shot to win this award if he plays the Bowl Game Contest. In weeks 11 and 12, Stephen averaged 18.00 ppc. Better to join late than never!

Check back next Monday for the gtpdd Contest Bowl Extravaganza!!!!! 




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