Bulldog Barks and Bad Opinions: Worst of the NSU Game Thread

Bulldogs Barks and Bytes is a Louisiana Tech message board where fans post their thoughts about their favorite university’s sports teams. It’s pretty wild. For every football game there is a game thread for commenters to react to the game as it happens in real time. The game thread for Week One’s game against Northwestern State was a bubbling cauldron of scalding hot takes and overreactions, as struggling for the better part of three quarters against an FCS team tends to bring out less than reasonable thoughts. I sifted through the whole thread so you don’t have to; here are the six best (or worst) posts from the game thread, ranked totally arbitrarily. Identities have been Holtz’ed to protect the innocent


This was posted three snaps into the season. The BBB is notorious for its optimism.


The season is now almost two hours of actual time old and it is now time to hope that we get lucky enough to eek out six wins


Those who had “3rd Quarter of the First Game” in the “When Will Someone Call for J’Mar to be Benched” pool, please come collect your winnings. Also I preferred Nathan’s tweet:




mmmm that’s some good sexism right there





2 thoughts on “Bulldog Barks and Bad Opinions: Worst of the NSU Game Thread”

  1. I just learned of your blog. I’m glad to find it, because LaTechBBB had been my only other online Tech community. But that board is utterly poisonous, replete with sexism AND racism.

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