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Our Post Game Reactions

Evan: Wow, did Tech look bad at times in that game. It’s very hard for me to get used to an offense that just feels like it can’t do anything right most of the time. There’s very little rhythm; it feels like it’s taking 20 seconds to get the play call down to the field, and there never seems to be any pep in our step. J’Mar misses some throws, the receivers drop some balls, c’est la vie. But then, out of the blue, Hardy makes an incredible grab; J’Mar puts a ball perfectly in Veal’s hands; Dancy gets free. Almost like clockwork, the offense shows a flash or two of potential that makes you say “WOOOO!” in your gtpdd facebook messenger group. Those flashes have been enough to win us the games we lost last season, but they certainly aren’t satisfying the itch for a high-powered offense that completes screen passes more often than not.

Defensively, we looked GOD AWFUL on one drive again, and then only allowed 6 points the rest of the way. It was a bend-but-don’t-break attitude against Singletary, which actually worked! I’m surprised it did, but here we are.

Ultimately, it feels great to be bowl eligible. In week 8, no less! That’s incredible. If you had told me in the nascent stages of my Tech fandom as a student that one day I would be sort of dissatisfied with a 6-2 record, I’d have smacked you. Maybe someone should come smack me.

Nathan: Tech did not win this game. FAU lost it. Over the course of the game, FAU was penalized 11 times for (officially) 77 yards. However, that yardage number doesn’t include the the outcome of the play that was wiped out by the flag. Multiple times Singletary went for a 20+ yard light jog run that was called back for a hold.

The turnover margin also favored Tech, with FAU losing possession on a fumble and interception, while Tech had none of either. This was the third game this season Tech did not turn the ball over. Each of those games were a one-possession victory for Tech (North Texas, UTEP, and now FAU). Add a turnover to each of those games, and Tech could be sitting in the same spot where the Owls currently reside: 3-5 with only a slim chance at bowl eligibility.

But Tech didn’t turn the ball over in those crucial games, so here we sit: 6-2 and favored the rest of the way after this week’s contest in Starkville.

Josh: I actually didn’t watch the game and was out of cell service range as I was driving through rural Arkansas to go to a wedding (stop fall weddings btw). Imagine my surprise to get into service range and see that we won somehow. I guess the Lane Train is off the rails.

Did Tech Die?

Evan: Nope. This team has some unhealthy habits that may make it die someday very soon, but for now, they’re living another day.

Nathan: No, but Lane Kiffin might have.

Josh: Apparently not!

Player of the Game

Evan: This one’s tough, because there are few that deserve it: Dancy, Amik, Ferg, etc. could all be in the running. But really, it’s James Jackson. The dude was a MONSTER on the field this week. He had 7 solo tackles, including one for a loss. If I’m remembering correctly, he made a HUGE tackle on FAU Tight End Harrison Bryant as he came out of the flat on 2nd and 12 on the Owls’ last drive. If Jackson doesn’t make that tackle, it totally changes the complexion of the game from there on out. Instead, he made the tackle and forced FAU into a third and long situation. He was all over the field all night!

Nathan: I’m going to go with Teddy Veal. The senior wide-out has been quieter in his second year with the Bulldogs (as Adrian Hardy has exploded), but Veal seemed to be involved in every other passing play. And that’s not exactly inaccurate, as Veal caught nine of J’Mar’s 17 completions.  Also, side note: I’m starting to really enjoy these 20 yard punt returns Veal is capable of.

Josh: Uh, I’m going to default to whatever Evan said.

Tech Record Predictor



Contest Recap

This week, we had 27 players in the contest, including one newcomer. None of our newcomers from last week hung around, unfortunately. RIP Mah Dick. Gone but not forgotten!

This week was a very high scoring affair. The average score put up was 15 points! I’m not going to check, but that’s probably the highest average score in the history of the contest.

Our winner this week was #15 GeauxDawgsGeaux, who put up a whopping 20 points, and didn’t get any questions totally wrong.

Now, for the current standings. Let’s take a look at the top 15:

  • #1 Steveyti (101)
  • #2 JC (100)
  • #3 Hayden Hicks (93)
  • #4 Daniel Adams (91)
  • #4 Dom Brown (91)
  • #4 Mikey Spikey (91)
  • #4 Nathan (91)
  • #8 Justin Brazzel (90)
  • #9 Germdawg (88)
  • #9 Wild Card (88)
  • #11 Reece Aultman (87)
  • #12 Contest Czar (84)
  • #13 Daniel Valcho (83)
  • #14 Jaret Gillum (82)
  • #15 GeauxDawgsGeaux (79)
  • #15 Josh (79)

Okay, so there are a lot of people that could end up in the playoffs! Be on the lookout for extra tiebreaker questions in the Week 10 contest (the last “regular season” contest), which could determine who makes it into the playoffs.

Now, let’s talk Week 9 results!

Questions 1 & 2: Who will win, and by how much?

Answer: Tech won! By 8 points! Only one player didn’t pick Tech to win. #25 Holden Aultman. Boo this man! Just kidding. We also didn’t have anyone pick Tech by exactly 8, but we did have 6 of 27 players score five points by picking Tech by either 7 or 9 points.

Question 3: How many total rushing attempts will occur in the game (both teams combined)?

Answer: 78. This was a question where you’d have been pretty well off picking the averages of both teams and adding them together. As it stands, #4 Mikey Spikey was the only player to pick exactly 78. Several others scored five points by being within one. Shout out to #23 Stephen, who somehow thought there would only be 1 rushing attempt in the game!

Question 4: How many total yards will J’Mar Smith account for in the game?

Answer: J’Mar had 217 passing yards and -10 rushing yards, for 207 total. A little over half of players were gave an answer too high to score any points here, meaning that most people thought J’Mar would have a better day on the stat sheet than he did. #4 Dom Brown was the closest to being correct–he predicted 208 yards for Smith.

Question 5: Will the first Bulldog who scores have a last name starting with A to M or N to Z?

Answer: Jaqwis Dancy scored first for the Dogs, meaning that the whopping majority (23 of 27!) of us who picked A to M were correct and got two points!

Question #5: Will the first Bulldog who scores have a last name starting with A to M or N to Z?

Answer: After review, it has been determined that the gtpdd Contest Recap had two #5s on the field. That’s a five yard penalty and the result of the play is a first down.

Question 6: Which of the following will be true?

  1. Jaylon Ferguson will have one sack✅
  2. J’Mar will have more passing yards than FAU’s QBs✅
  3. Dancy WILL NOT be Tech’s leading rusher❌
  4. Tech will have more than 7 receivers catch a pass❌

Here’s how everyone did on #6:

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 9.43.00 PM

Bonus: Lane Kiffin is 49-28 in his career as a head coach. Will either of the following be true? The winning team will have 49+ points, or the losing team will have 28+ points in the game.

Answer: The final was 21-13, so er….no. 19 of 27 players got this correct.

As always, check out the Standings Page for full stats and to check my work!


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