gtpdd’s Hastily Prepared USM Recap

Okay, okay. So we didn’t stop celebrating the victory over Southern Miss in time to put together our traditional game recap post.

But let’s be honest: you saw the game! You know how Tech gave up two scores in the first five minutes then roared back and traded blows with Southern Miss until halftime. You saw J’Mar have maybe one of the most electric plays of his career:

The Dogs were down 27-24 with half the game left, but Skip and Bob Diaco made some impressive adjustments in the locker room at halftime. Because of those adjustments, Skip’s offense put up 21 points in the fourth quarter and Diaco’s defense only relented 3 points after halftime. But you knew that already, you Dog, you!

Hell, you saw the performances put up by Malik Stanley (212 yards, 8 catches, 1 TD) and Amik Robertson (3 INTs [!!!!], 2 PBUs). Those alone were worth the price of admission.


Amik’s second pick, which came in the end zone thanks to pressure from Willie Baker in Abraham’s face, couldn’t have come at a better time. The Dogs had just taken the lead to start the fourth quarter, and USM answered with really their only sustained drive of the second half. Then Amik made a huge play.

Dread it, run from it… Amik arrives all the same

For Tech fans, the nerves were far from settled with that pick, or with the subsequent touchdown drive that started with a 70 yard play action pass to Griffin Hebert and ended with Bobby Holly’s first career rushing TD.

But we all know that being up 11 in a Tech-USM game is not a guarantee of victory with any amount of time left…let alone 6 and half minutes. Given that USM followed that touchdown with a field goal and then forced Tech to punt, it was safe to say that Loyal Blue Nation was nervous. I personally wore a track into my living room as I furiously paced around, shouting profanity-laced terms of encouragement in the general direction of Ruston.

But lo and behold, the Dogs brought pressure Abraham’s way yet again, and the former Bulldog did what he does best… threw it to a current Bulldog. Zeke Barnett housed it and for a moment, I breathed easy.

Then, as my breath quickened yet again on USM’s next possession, Amik made it three picks on the day and sealed it beyond any (however unreasonable at this point) doubt.

It was a phenomenal game, but you knew that already! Or if you didn’t, now you do!

P.S. Shout out to Hayden Hicks for winning the contest with 19 points. The current top ten will be discussed on the gtpdd Podcast, but you can always check your scores and see where you stand on the Standings Page.

For now, that’s all. Check out the podcast later this week, do the Contest on Wednesday, and our UTEP preview post on Friday!


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