gtpdd’s North Texas Recap

Our Post Game Reactions

Evan: Tech did it! We beat the team that no one (outside of us Tech fans, anyway) thought we would beat! We won a close game that we didn’t play perfectly in! We made adjustments and stymied a high-powered offense! Ferg had four sacks and will probably kill a man before he’s done! We won a one possession game! We sold our souls to the Dev– wait, I’m not supposed to tell you that part. Oops.

Daniel A: “Tech’s going to need more than 29 points if they want to win this game.” – Me, an idiot, at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Tech managed to win a tight game in the most dramatic of fashions and it feels great. I unwittingly bought tickets in a section of UNT fans exclusively and hoo boy did they get angry and it was delicious. Also, Bonnette’s catch was ridiculous.

Josh: WE DID IT. WE WON A SINGLE SCORE GAME. WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS??? AHHHHHH. What a game for the Bulldogs. Ferg was an absolute monster on defense, Bonnette Mossed a dude into the Shadow Realm, and Amik had the clutch play of the year with that blocked FG. The west is wide open with this win and we can take it if we keep the momentum going from this win. But good lord this game was stressful.

Nathan: Last year, the final play of the UAB game was a blocked field goal. It’s only fitting that the final play this year before the UAB game is a blocked field goal.

Did Tech Die?

Evan: No. Tech won, and therefore did not die!

Daniel A: They were perilously close to death but they were able to survive.

Josh: Tech went and did not die, although it seemed like we were playing Russian Roulette there for a minute.

Nathan: Tech was probably about to die, but Amik punched death in the face.

Player of the Game

Evan: Jay. Lon. Ferg. U. Son. Four sacks. Seriously. What a nightmare. Coincidentally, I happen to have a totally real candid photograph from Mason Fine’s dorm room Saturday night:


Daniel A: Usually I’d try to pick someone different so we could have a variety of #content but man, Ferguson just destroyed anyone who tried to block him on Saturday. His performances against LSU and UNT have made him a lot of money.

Josh: I’ll be different since we have two picks for Ferguson already. Amik was Mr. Clutch when we needed it most and blocked a potential game winning field goal. I’ve never seen someone come off the edge so fast.

Nathan: Rhashid Bonnette. Even beyond the incredible Randy Moss-esque catch in the second quarter, the junior racked up over 100 yards on just over 20 yards a catch.

Tech Record Predictor


win prob unt

Contest Recap

This week, we had 33 entrants in the contest who scored an average of 9.7 points. We had several players miss their first week this time, so hopefully everyone will remember to play each week!

This week’s winner is Wild Card, who put up an impressive 16 points. She’s the first player to win outright since week one, meaning I didn’t even have to worry about the tiebreaker question! Shout out to her for that.

The leader board remains pretty tight at the very top. Here’s the current top 5:

Player Points





Hayden Hicks


Daniel Adams


Reece Aultman


As you can see, it’s pretty close between those five. We’ve also got 14 more players with at least 40 points so far, so it’s really anyone’s game at this point! As always, see how you fared on the Standings Page. Also, if you have any requests or suggestions to make the contest better, hit us up @gotechplsdntdie on twitter! Let’s get to the analysis!

Questions 1&2: Which team will win, and by how much?

Answer: Tech won! By 2! Wooooo!!! 29 players picked Tech to win. TEN players got five points on question 2 for being within 1 of the actual margin. That’s 30% of all players getting 5 points. Despite that, only one got the margin exactly right, Distinguished Alumnus Phillip J. Robertson.

Question 3: What will the first scoring play be– a run, pass, or other play?

Answer: The first points were scored on a long touchdown pass from Mason Fine to some guy in a green uniform. 69% of respondents chose pass, which isn’t so surprising considering that Tech and UNT have pass happy offenses.

Question 4: How many receiving yards will Bonnette, Hardy, and Veal combine for?

Answer: Bonnette had 101, Hardy had 75, and Veal added 42, for a total of 218 yards. This one proved to be tough. No one scored 5 or even 4 points. The closest player was steveyti, who predicted 230 yards for the three receivers.

Question 5: How many plays of 10 or more yards will happen in the game?

Answer: By my count, there were 27 plays of 10 or more yards. Both offenses were most successful when looking down field. Of course, Tech’s tackling skills didn’t help much either. Again, no one scored 5 points on this one, but a couple players came within 2 of getting it right: Wild Card and Daniel Spencer.

Question 6: How many Tackles for Loss will the Bulldogs have in the game?

Answer: Jay Ferg and the gang caused 10 tackles for loss. Only one player got a perfect answer here: Wild Card!

Bonus: If tickets to the Texas State Fair cost $16.50 and tickets to this game cost $26, will this game make more money in ticket sales than the lowest-attended day of the 2017 Texas State Fair?

Answer: Yes, the game will make more money. The lowest attended day of the 2017 state fair was 31,684 on October 3rd, 2017. That works out to $522,786 in ticket sales. This game had a whopping 30,105 people in attendance (the highest in UNT history), so it wasn’t even close. The game made $782,730!

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