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Our Post-Game Reactions

Nathan: So, I was wrong. I guessed who would win, but that was about it. Tech did not give up a kickoff return for a touchdown. In my prediction last week, I mentioned how I was afraid of the Blazer’s running game. UAB did gain 229 yards on the ground, but that’s not why Tech lost. Especially because many of those rushing yards came late in the game when the defense was gassed.

Going into Saturday night, Tech had given up a total of nine sacks and ten QB hurries in four games. That’s not amazing, but it’s pretty respectable.

UAB found a way to bring J’Mar to the ground in the backfield five times and added on three hurries. Regardless of the blame tossed to J’Mar’s stat line and the playcalling, it’s hard to get anything done if you can’t protect the passer.

Evan: I thought the ceremony was beautiful. Despite the fact that it was difficult to hear (thanks, malfunctioning microphone!), the parts I did hear were perfect and really exemplified the happy couple. I personally love when people write their own vows. Screw all that sickness and health nonsense! Anyway, on the the reception. The open bar was clutch (more on that below). Great idea to have chicken and waffle bites during cocktail hour. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten hot chicken at Hattie B’s before this (more on that below, too). Dinner was really tasty. Great potatoes and chicken. The roasted veggies got a little soggy, but what are you gonna do about that, really? Dancing was fun. My song choice (“Ain’t No Mountain High”) got played, so I am happy. Wait, wasn’t Tech playing tonight? Maybe, but I’m heading back to the open bar…

Josh: Getting up early for pictures was kind of annoying, especially since the photographer didn’t arrive until after 11. Regardless, the ceremony was wonderful. Jeremy Scott did a great job on the processional for Olivia’s entrance. Matt and Olivia’s vows were great and it really warmed my heart seeing Matt get choked up with emotion. Seeing how much they love each other was wonderful even if it made me realize that I probably won’t love anything in my life that much. The reception was a good time and the food was fantastic (though, I did miss a few parts when I was driving the Kight’s Miata). The post-reception, pre-after party nap was a solid 8/10; it could’ve been longer. The after party at La Bamba was pretty good, but there definitely were too many of us in there. I think Tech was playing during that time, but all the TVs in the restaurant were showing SEC games so I can’t be sure (sad face for Kentucky though 🙁 ). The after-after party at Rev was definitely the most crazy part of the night, but that’s a story for another time. Plus nobody except Hawai’i plays that late at night.

Did Tech Die?

Nathan: I think we all did.

Evan: So it is now Sunday morning. I feel okay, but I get the feeling I’m going to die soon. Maybe I should check the Tech score? Wait. Tech lost by twenty-one points? To U A freaking B? At home in the JoeTHEY ONLY SCORED SEVEN POINTS WHAT THE HELL???? I really am going to be sick. Blame it on the open bar, blame it on the pre-wedding hot chicken, blame it on Tech losing, but I definitely died yesterday, probably as some combo of all three.

Josh: Sunday morning came quicker than expected, but at least Tech w… wait, what. You said Tech lost to UAB again?? J’MAR HAD A QBR OF 8.4?! OH NO, THERE GOES ALL OF OUR LAND!!! This is gross, I’m going back to bed. I’m upset. My liver is dead anyway.

Player of the Game

Nathan: Kam McKnight. In the absence of Dancy (and a half of Tucker), McKnight stepped up and ran for Tech’s only touchdown, while averaging 5.3 yards a carry.

Evan: Parker Spears and Hoop Troop, ca. 2015, who started the “We Have Football” chant that has now ignited probably our strongest rivalry. Seriously, we all hate UAB. Go look through @gotechplsdntdie’s twitter mentions from Saturday night and you’ll see that their hatred for us comes from the chant.

Josh: Olivia was a beautiful bride and Matt definitely was clutch with the emotions, but I have to give it to Olivia’s mother, Libby. She put the whole wedding together from a different state and everything ran smoothly with no problems. That’s MVP caliber wedding planning.

Tech Record Predictor



Contest Recap

We are still shaking off the hangover caused by the amount we needed to drink Saturday night. The contest recap will be out in the next couple of days.

^Hahaha Nathan wrote that, and it couldn’t be more true. I (Evan) will grade it tonight probably and put out a results post later. (Psst the scores are up on the standings page tho)

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