gtpdd’s WKU preview

Tomorrow afternoon at Noon Central, the Bulldogs return home to take on the WKU Hilltoppers. But before you watch the game, you need to know some things. That’s where we come in! Seeing as it’s Thanksgiving week and we’re all out and about, this one may be a little quicker than usual.

How to Watch

The game is on CBSSN. That’s available on several streaming services. Good luck!

Other People’s Predictions

  • ESPN FPI: Tech has an 85.6% chance to win.
  • Massey: Tech wins, 28-14
  • Vegas (OddsShark): Tech wins by 10.5
  • S&P+: Tech wins, 30-21
  • NCAA 14: WKU loses, 6-9

Hot Taeks

Evan: Tech will be trailing at halftime, but will win by double digits.

Josh: There will be literally 12 people in the stadium by the end of the 3rd quarter.

Nathan: Big Red (the WKU mascot) will somehow win the Dairy Queen Race.

Final Predictions

Evan: Tech will ultimately get it done at home against a faltering WKU team with almost nothing to play for. In fact, it would probably be better for Western’s longevity to lose the game, let Mike Sanford get fired, and move on from these last two dismal years. With that in mind, WKU will probably play their best game of the year and push Tech until the fourth quarter. Tech’s seniors are going for win number 33 tomorrow, with 34 on the table in a bowl game. That’s a pretty good record, and I think they’ll be motivated to get it.

Tech wins, 26-13

Josh: Honestly, I think Tech wins this game fairly easily. Both teams aren’t playing for anything really, but the game is in Ruston and Tech is much better than WKU. I imagine most Tech players are still upset with last weeks loss, so we probably come out strong in the first quarter and play pretty hard. Whether we keep that up for all four quarters is a mystery to me. Still, I’m not too confident in the offense to score a bunch and I think it’s the defense that gets the job done.

Tech wins, 24-10

Nathan: This should be an easy Tech victory. Without Mike White at QB, this team is a shell of its former self. Josh is right, neither team is playing for all that much. Tech has locked up a bowl, and WKU has done the opposite. So I think the more talented team wins here.

Tech wins, 35-17

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