New #gtpddContest…. Basketball???

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to continue the gtpdd Contest tradition! The first installment of Basketball season covers the entire Out of Conference schedule for the month of December. It encompasses both the Lady Techsters and Dunkin’ Dogs, and includes 13 games! 

This first contest is more of a test run. The real season will begin with conference play. There, games are more standard at four per week (two per team), so it will be much easier to score and write questions.

This first contest still counts for the overall standings, though! Just to clarify, the football season contest is its own thing, this one is its own thing, and if we do one for baseball, it is–you guessed it–its own thing.

Maybe we can have a Triple Crown of gtpdd Contests someday.

The “regular season” of the basketball conference will be fairly standard. I’ll explain later, but basically, look for new Contests to be posted on Sunday night, with answers due by tip off of the week’s first game (typically Thursday, but sometimes Wednesday).

Go to the Contest page to enter! (It’s under the Week 11 football contest)


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