The Clothes Make the Club

After taking two of three from Southern Miss last weekend, Tech has aligned itself well to get an at-large bid into the NCAA Regionals. This is hardly guaranteed, though. Tech still needs two or three wins this weekend and a couple more in Biloxi next weekend to have a real shot.

This thin margin for error means the team must look at anything (allowed by the NCAA) that can help them win. While I’m sure Head Coach Lane Burroughs is hard at work towards the goal of a second regional in three years, I want to make an unconventional suggestion:

Find the jersey color that will help Tech win.

So Tech baseball has four uniforms. Two for the school colors (red and blue), and two neutral colors (white and black). As with most things, I’m sure everyone has a favorite. But aesthetics don’t really matter when a team is vying for a postseason birth.

What matters is which uniform option will help Tech win.

Red Should Be The Best

If you’ve read the State-T post from a few months ago, you probably know where I’m going with this. But before we look at statistics, let’s ask science.

According to a study published in 2005, competitors that wear red win more. The study looked at the sport of wrestling in the 2004 Olympic Games. When two wrestlers are equally matched, the wrestler that wore red won 55% of the time.


And you know who has a red uniform? Well, lots of teams, but we’re talking about Tech here. But does having a red uniform help the Bulldogs?

Unfortunately, I did not keep track of which uniform Tech wore every game at the time. But luckily, most of the games are available on to stream. So I went into each game and recorded the uniform Tech wore:

Opponent W/L Color Opponent W/L Color
McNeese St W White FIU L Blue
SIUE W Blue FIU W White
SIUE W White FIU W Red
NSU L Black UTSA W Blue
Grambling W White UTSA W Black
HBU W Blue Charlotte L Blue
HBU W White Charlotte L Blue
HUB W Red Charlotte W Red
Rice W Blue ULL W White
Rice W White MTSU L Blue
Rice W White MTSU W White
UAB L Blue USM W Black
UAB W Red USM L Blue
UAB W Black USM W Red

Now let’s break that down into how each uniform did:

Color G W L Color G W L
Red 8 6 2 White 10 9 1
Blue 10 4 6 Black 4 3 1

So far, without a doubt, blue is the worst uniform so far. Of the 10 losses covered by that we’ve looked at so far, more than half of them were in “blue” games.

But before I make the case that we abandon our primary colored uniform, let’s see if we can get a larger sample size.

Other Video Options is not the only way to watch a baseball game (thank god), so what about games that aired on other services?

The Pepperdine games aired on, the Frisco Classic games aired on Youtube, and the game at ULL played on their own site. Here’s how those games went down:

Opponent W/L Color Opponent W/L Color
Pepperdine L Blue Texas A&M W White
Pepperdine W Red California W Blue
Pepperdine L Red Baylor L Red
Pepperdine W Black ULL L Blue

It’s worth noting that the LSU game was aired on SECN+ (a streaming option), but it is no longer available to view on WatchESPN.

Adding those games to the tally before, we get:

Color G W L Color G W L
Red 11 7 4 White 11 10 1
Blue 13 5 8 Black 5 4 1

Somehow blue got even worse after going 1-2 in this stretch. But before we draw any conclusions, are there any other games we can add to our scope?

Miscellaneous Games

So far we have been able to get “data” for all but thirteen contests. But what about those games that aren’t available to stream? Well, luckily, for a few of the remaining games, I was able to find what the team was wearing.

Opponent W/L Color Opponent W/L Color
LSU L Black Marshall W Red
Grambling W Blue WKU L Blue
Marshall W Blue WKU W Red

For the games at LSU and WKU, the opponents had a photo gallery up with pictures from the game. WKU should have had the games up on, but didn’t because reasons.

And speaking of ballgames that should have been on the service I pay for to watch C-USA games, I had to find clips of the Marshall games from a YouTube channel of a West Virginian news station.

This still leaves seven games unaccounted for, but we will have to work with what we have. Here’s the final tally of how each uniform option did:

Color G W L Color G W L
Red 13 9 4 White 11 10 1
Blue 16 7 9 Black 6 4 2


It’s obvious the white uniform is the best of the rotation. It’s also my personal favorite, so you can tell I’m not biased in any way when I say that. So I suggest Tech wears the white uniform for every remaining game.

While science says wearing red should help the Bulldogs, this (admittedly small sample sized) data suggests otherwise. Red is far from the worst uniform has, but still not as nice as white.

Unfortunately, the blue uniform has to go. Tech has the rare opportunity of getting into the NCAA Regionals, and it depends on how we do in the last few games. We really can’t take any chances.

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