Week 5 #gtpddContest Recap

Another Tech game is in the books, as is another edition of the gtpdd contest. This week, we had 31 participants, with a few impressive performances from some new players!

The average points scored this week was 11. After a few down weeks, we finally got back to the season high set in week 1.

We had a few players really knock it out of the park this week, including Daniel Spencer, who scored 19. Perhaps the most impressive performance was from contest newcomer Cory Z, who also scored 19. Cory may not be in the running for overall winner (you never know, but it’d be tough), but he could very well be in the running for highest average if he competes in a few more weeks.

We had a few other players score a whole lot of points, so I’ll give a shout out to them here. @RealSkipHoltz and Daniel Adams both scored 18, and Lucky Lew had a strong night with 17 points.

With that being said, the standings are shaping up more and more each week. Daniel Adams is still (unfortunately) on top, with 72 points (14.4 average). Daniel Spencer has 60 points in 2nd place (12 average). Evan S (me) is now alone in third, with 58 points (11.6 average), followed by Justin Brazzel (55/11 average) and Brian Smith (54/10.8 average).

Make sure to check out the new standings and all the correct answers over at the Standings page!

Here’s a deeper dive into this week’s questions.

Question 1: Which team will win the game?

Correct Answer: Louisiana Tech

Results: 30 of the 31 entrants got this question correct. @RealLesGuice was the only one to get it wrong. C’mon, Mr. President!

Question 2: How many points will the winning team win by?

Correct Answer: 18 points

Results: 29% of all respondents read this one right and were within one point of being correct. Only one person aced it, though. Congrats to OL3!

Question 3: What will happen on the opening kickoff?

Correct Answer: A Touchback.

Results: Jonathan Barnes kicked the opening kickoff into the end zone and USA decided not to bring it out. 37% of respondents picked this question correctly.

Question 4: How many total yards will South Alabama gain in the game?

Correct Answer: 333 yards

Results: 3 people got close enough to this one to score full points. Matthew Vaughn missed being exactly correct by just 3 yards!

Question 5: How many total rushing yards will Boston Scott and Jarred Craft have in the game?

Correct Answer: 125 yards

Results: Incredibly, four players aced this question (and five got full points!). Congrats to Jess, Jake Altman, Josh Farrar, and Daniel Adams for getting it exactly correct. chart-6

Question 6: What will happen most in first down situations? (Tech run, Tech pass, USA run, USA pass)

Correct Answer: Louisiana Tech will call more pass plays than any other event.

Results: In first down situations, Tech called 20 pass plays, more than any other possibility (Tech called 17 run plays, USA called 15 passes and 13 runs). 7 players got this one correct and picked up three points.

Bonus: Which team will have the longest drive by Time of Possession in the second quarter?

Correct Answer: South Alabama had a drive that lasted 4:09, good for longest of the second quarter.

Results: 36% picked this correctly and picked up 3 points.



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