Week 6 #gtpddContest Recap

Good thing there wasn’t a Tech game this weekend so I don’t have any gtpdd Contest entries to grade–

Wait a minute, what’s this? ESPN has a box score? And there are answers in my Google Drive?

Weird, but I’ll roll with it.

As always, you can find the updated standings over on the standings page.

This week there were a few trends. For one, we all had a lot more faith in Tech than we should ever, ever, ever have. All 28 participants picked Tech to win, some by as few as 6 points, others by 500 (shoutout to “WeHaveFootball”). So everyone logged a big ol fat zero points on the first two questions.

This week’s highest scorer was Nathan, who somehow managed to score 15 out of the remaining 18 points available after missing the first two questions. Also, shoutout to Jrmy, who really, really tried this week, but ended up with 0 points. Kind of like the amount of Jonathan Barnes attempts in the 4th quarter that actually went through the uprights.

The average amount of points scored this week was an amazingly low 5.9 points. Go Team!

The overall standings remain largely the same. Daniel Adams remains in first with 81 points. The race for second is starting to heat up: Evan has 68, Nathan has 67, and Brian Smith has 66.

Question 1: Who will *fart noises*

Answer: UAB

Results: *ppppfffffffttttttttt*

Question 2: How many 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 ???

Answer: 1 point

Results: Seriously why?

Question 3: Which team will receive the third kickoff of the game?

Answer: Louisiana Tech

Results: 21% of respondents picked correctly. Tech received the first three kickoffs of the game.

Question 4: How many different receivers will catch a pass in the game?

Answer: 16 (9 for Tech, 7 for UAB)

Results: One person got this question exactly correct. Congrats Nathan! Also, shoutout to “WeHaveFootball”, who was definitely trolling, but somehow answered this question seriously and picked up 4 points.

Question 5: How many average passing yards per attempt will J’Mar Smith have in the game?

Answer: 7.2 yards

Results: 3 people came close enough to gain full points on this question, with JC coming closest (7 yards).

Question 6: True or False: Jaylon Ferguson will have at least 1.5 sacks in the game.

Answer: False, he only had one.

Results: Only 32% of participants got this right. This is a little strange because Ferguson had only logged 3 total sacks on the year before this game. However, UAB was allowing a ridiculous amount of sacks (13 on the year, if I remember correctly), so I felt like the question was still balanced.

Bonus: Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a numerical value based on its position in the alphabet (a=1, b=2, x=24, etc). If you add up all the numerical values of the last name of every Tech touchdown scorer, is the resulting number higher or lower than UAB’s total yardage in the game?

Answer: Lower.

Results: UAB gained 366 yards, and Tech didn’t score many touchdowns. Tech’s scorers were V E A L (22+5+1+12), M C K N I G H T (13+3+11+14+9+7+8+20), and O L I V E R (15+12+9+22+5+18), for a total of 206. 39% of participants got this one right. I may dust this one off in the future.


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