Week 8 #gtpddContest Recap

Tech finally won again!

The Bulldogs bested Rice on the field with two late touchdowns. There were two late INTs that caused a back door cover of question 6, which would’ve been false if not for the pick on Glaesmann’s desperation heave with a few seconds left.

As always, head over to the standings page to view the overall standings. 

The contest has remained heated, with very surprising developments at the top of the leaderboard….

But more on that later.

This week, we had three players tie for first with 15 points: Nathan, Lucky Lew, and Taylor Young. Congrats to those three!

The overall standings got even more interesting. That’s right, this week, we have a TIE at the top! Brian Smith put up an impressive 14 points this week to pull into a two way tie for first with Daniel Adams. Both sit at 95 total points on the season (averaging 11.875).

The top 5 is currently:

  1. Daniel Adams (95)
  2. Brian Smith (95)
  3. Lucky Lew (86)
  4. Nathan (85)
  5. Mike the Spike (79)

If the season were to end today, Taylor Young would win the prize for best average (min. 3 entries). He’s averaging 12.8 points across 5 entries. He needs to worry about Cory Z, though, who currently averages an insane 16.5 points in two entries. Cory, keep your game up!

Without further ado, here’s a look into this week’s answers:

Question 1: Which team will win the game?

Answer: Louisiana Tech

Results: 96% of entrants got this one right. Evan Spencer (not me, but a troll claiming to be me) picked Rice. Evan Spencer is a dumb ass!

Question 2: How many points will the winning team win by?

Answer: 14.

Results: Thanks to a late pick six by Trey Spencer, several people scored full points on this one. 7 people got five points, with Sethbot, Daniel S, Josh, Justin Brazzel, and Nathan getting it exactly right. Only 3 people failed to score any points at all on this one: Evan S, @realLesGuice, and Evan Spencer.

Question 3: Which team will have a higher overall Yards per Reception by all pass receivers?

Answer: Rice.

Results. Rice receivers only caught 7 passes…for 187 yards. They averaged 26.7 yards per catch, while Tech receivers averaged 11.3. 19% of respondents picked Rice and scored 2 points.

Question 4: Predict the combined number of yards gained by both teams in the game.

Answer: 851

Results: Wait, seriously? Tech gave up 434 yards to Rice? Jesus. One player, shamiel adams, scored full points by guessing 835. Only 9 of 26 players scored any points at all on this one.

Question 5: What will ESPN’s FPI chance to win percentage be at halftime of the game?

Answer: 94.3%

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 4.51.10 PM

Results: Boy, you’d have to be really smart to get full points on this one. Unfortunately, only one entrant had the foresight and mental capacity to do it. 25 entrants failed, one reigned supreme–okay, okay, it was me. I got full points by guessing 94.9%.

Question 6: True or false: There will be at least 2 turnovers in one single quarter of the game.

Answer: True.

Results: Trey Spencer and Darryl Lewis (and the News) picked off two passes in the last 30 seconds of the game, making this one true at the last second! 15 people scored three points because of this.

Question 7: Average all of the jersey numbers of point scorers in the game. Is the number higher or lower than 50?

Answer: Lower.

Results: No one with a jersey number higher than 35 scored any points, soooooo…. yeah.

  • Tech scorers: Scott (6), Barnes (10), McKnight (15), Craft (3), Spencer (32).
  • Rice scorers: Glaesmann (4), Harrison (25), Phillips (35), Cephus (28)

69% of us got this one right! (niiiiice)

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