Week Nine #gtpddContest Recap

Another week, another one point loss. I’m becoming numb to it, yet I’m still not picking it in the contest for some reason.

Oh well, without further ado, here’s your week nine contest recap.

As always, head over to the standings page for a comprehensive look at the season’s standings. 

This week’s big winner was JC, who put up an impressive 14 points. In second, we had Jake Altman with 13. We had a season low 23 participants, which I guess makes sense with Tech being bad and the contest wheat being separated from the contest chaff. The average participant scored 6 points this week.

As for the overall standings, the top two remains the same, but they are no longer tied for the lead. That’s right, Daniel Adams (8 points, 103 total) has retaken sole possession of first place with just three (hopefully maybe please four???) games remaining in the season. Brian Smith remains in the hunt, though, with 98 points. Rounding out the top 5, we’ve got Lucky Lew (95), Nathan (87), and Evan S (86).

The leader of the highest average competition had a slight pitfall this week, putting up his first single-digit performance of the season. Despite this, Taylor Young is still at the top, leading Daniel Adams by about a half point. (11.8333 to 11.4444). However, if Cory Z competes again, everything could be thrown off, as he’s still got a 16.5 point average in two contests. Cory’s got a steady hand and knows when to stay away from the contest, I guess?

Here’s a deeper dive into this week’s questions:

Question 1: Which team will win the game?

Answer: North Texas

Results: 3 people got this right. 20 people, myself included, still have faith in Tech…

Question 2: How many points will the winning team win by?

Answer: 1. Duh.

Results: All three players to pick UNT got points on this one, as everyone expected it to be close.

Question 3: What will happen on Tech’s 13th Passing Attempt of the game?

Answer: A pass of 10 yards or less.

Results: J’Mar threw an 8 yard pass to Teddy Veal at 11:16 of the 3rd Quarter. Interestingly, J’Mar had a first half incompletion wiped out by a pass interference call that would have changed the answer to this question. 43% of respondents got this one right.

Question 4: How many average rushing yards will all of the players (for both teams) that log a rushing attempt have at the end of the game?

Answer: 35.9 yards

Results: Reading is hard. I get it. I tried to make this one as clear as I could by including the equation I’d use: “All rushing yards gained in the game divided by # of players listed on the box score with a rushing attempt.” The equation, therefore, was:

(Tech rushing yards + UNT rushing yards [359]) divided by (# of players with a rushing attempt [10])

Most people had under 10 yards for their answer, so I guess they didn’t understand? I dunno, man.

Question 5: Predict Tech’s time of possession.

Answer: 29:52

Results: Two players, who both picked 30:00 even, got full points here. Congrats to sethbot and TDAWG

Question 6: Which half will Tech average more yards per play in?

Answer: 1st half.

Results: In the first half, Tech averaged 5.1 yards per play, while their second half production dipped to 3.9 yards per play. 43% of respondents got this one and picked up 3 points.

Bonus: Which end zone will be scored into the most?

Answer: South end zone (DAC)

Results: The south end zone won by a score of 31 to 16. Tech scored 17 of its 23 points towards the DAC, with UNT adding 14 of its 24.


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