Week Ten #gtpddContest Recap

This is gonna be a short recap because I’m short on time.

I went camping last weekend instead of watching the game, and it was very fun! The game didn’t seem very fun!

Head over to the standings page to see the standings. Duh. You get it by now!

Anyway, here’s what happened this week: The big winner was Me! I am the best! I scored 17 points. Good, but not as good as me, were Josh F and Shelby Maddox with 15 points each.

In the overall standings, the top 5 remained the same, but with some slight shuffling. Daniel Adams and Brian Smith both put up 13 points, so Dan’s lead is still 5. He sits atop the leaderboard with 116 points. Brian has 111. In third, and still well within striking distance, we have Lucky Lew (109), followed by Evan S (103), and Nathan (98).

In all honesty, there are probably just two weeks left of the contest this year. Let’s hope Tech can find a way to keep the fun rolling, but I’m not sure it’s healthy to hope for that at this point.

Taylor Young is still clinging to his claim to the highest average. He’s got 11.7, while Daniel Adams is averaging 11.6. Excitement! Drama! You couldn’t script a better finish than this, folks!

Here are the answers for this week. Due to my aforementioned camping trip, I’m not able to do the analysis that you all crave. I’ll try my best next week, though!


  1. Who will win? FAU won
  2. By how much? by 25 points
  3. Which Tech RB will have the most yards? Boston Scott outgained everybody by miles (apparently Craft didn’t play?)
  4. How many penalties? 7 penalties were called total.
  5. How many players will log 2+ solo tackles? 20 players in the game logged at least 2 solo tackles
  6. Which team will fail to convert more 3rd down attempts? Tech failed to convert on 12 3rd down attempts, will FAU only failed 5 (and only had 7 3rd downs to begin with…wtf?)
  7. Bonus: Would the geographic midpoint of all TD scorers be over land or water?Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 7.09.15 PM.png


Be on the look out tomorrow for week 11’s contest!

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