CUSA Mega Pick’Em Results: Week 1

Week one of the brand new gtpdd CUSA Pick’Em has come and gone! And although the games weren’t quite as hard to pick this week as they should be in the future, no one got them all right! We did have 5 players who guessed 13 of the 14 games correctly, but no one had the right combination of USA over USM, CLT over Duke, Mississippi State over Tech, and UTSA over Illinois to score full points.


Week 1 saw 74 players put in a total of 1,012 picks, of which 786 were correct. Players collectively earned 310 points on their LOCK OF THE WEEK picks, while 3 players lost 15 points total on incorrect bets. Let’s dive in!


For a complete rundown of this week’s picks and scores, check the Standings Page

NameTotal ScorePercentage of Correct Picks
T1 Tenacious Dog180.929
T1 Peter C. 180.929
T1 Nicholas Galindo180.929
T1 Jib Buttkiss 180.929
T1 Guillot 180.929
T6 TechMech96170.857
T6 Logan J170.857
T6 Josh Farrar170.857
T6 Dominic170.857
T6 Daniel Spencer170.857
T6 Cam170.857
T6 Alejandro Garcia170.857
T6 509Dog170.857
T14 Zach Harkins160.786
T14 William160.786
T14 UTSA_Alum160.786
T14 TechAlum05160.846
T14 PhilT1160.786
T14 Peyton Bonvillain160.786
T14 Patrick James160.786
T14 MississippiDawg12160.786
T14 Miles Meador160.857
T14 Matt Colville160.786
T14 ManielTheDaniel160.786
T14 Loquat160.786
T14 Lando160.786
T14 Kathryn Slover160.857
T14 Justified160.786
T14 Jonathan Lenzy House160.786
T14 Joey Wilhelm160.857
T14 JediKnight160.786
T14 jchiasson160.786
T14 JC160.786
T14 Jayke160.786
T14 hercules88160.786
T14 gtpddEvan160.786
T14 Cole Albritton160.786
T14 Caleb Basinger160.786
T14 Blazer2000160.786
T14 All My Homies Hate Marshall160.786
T14 Aaron Skinner160.786
T42 Ty_hogg150.714
T42 thirty7eighty8150.714
T42 Seth Littrell’s Burner Account150.714
T42 RogueDuffSlayer150.714
T42 rlange150.714
T42 Rachel150.714
T42 LaTechReport150.714
T42 Jonathan Ruppel150.714
T42 Harris Downer150.714
T42 FatOakes150.714
T42 Dylan Mooney150.786
T42 Dog1970150.714
T42 Built4speed150.714
T42 Big R150.714
T42 Andy Swain150.786
T57 Tim Soto130.571
T57 Steel Dragon130.714
T57 Nugget’s Ghost130.786
T57 Maxhatter130.714
T57 gitylime130.786
T57 Coach_Bond130.714
T57 Cameron Basinger130.727
T57 Adrian Spalding130.714
65 Brian Smith120.538
T66 Willie Taggarts Burner100.714
T66 Marco100.714
T68 Shane Kiihnl90.692
T68 EdwardC90.692
T68 Christopher Brister91.000
71 Styx2350.714
T72 James Cottrell40.643
T72 GCEagle40.643
74 stafford_a_1421.000

That’s right! After one week, we’ve got a five-way tie for first place. Tenacious Dog was one of 16 people to pick Tech over Mississippi State, but alas, our collective heartbreak at the 20 point blown lead must hurt a little more for him. Meanwhile, fellow Tech fans Jib Buttkiss and Guillot are angry at USM for losing and Charlotte for winning, respectively. Our UTSA fan friend Peter C is likewise angry at USM, and Nicholas Galindo at Charlotte!

Breakdown of Fandom

74 total players

Game by Game Results

click through the slideshow to how the group fared, collectively, on each game

Confidence Meter

The top five results that players bet points on were:

  • Florida beating FAU (77 points)
  • UAB beating Jacksonville State (42 points)
  • North Texas beating Northwestern State (36 points)
  • Mississippi State beating Tech (35 points)
  • Wake Forest beating ODU (35 points)

Only three players were wrong about their bets this week, and a total of 15 points were lost.

Surprisingly, The largest blowout of the weekend was one of only two games players didn’t want to touch: Marshall vs. Navy (final score: 49-7 Marshall). Unsurprisingly, players also didn’t bet on Charlotte or Duke to win in what ended up being a crazy finish!

Onward to Week 2!

Head over to the CUSA Mega Pick’Em Page for Week 2’s entries!

How’d you do in Week 1? Brag to your friends on Twitter! Tag us @gotechplsdntdie!

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