Football Match Game Recap

Tech baseball had a frustratingly bad week. So, instead of talking about what went wrong, let’s just forget it happened. That’s healthy, right? And since Tech football just had its Spring Game this past weekend, that seems like a good enough distraction as any to avoid dealing with Tech baseball right now.

So, back in January, I posted a quiz game to gptdd. The idea was to look at a win probability chart and determine which game it came from. Each chart had a hint and four possible answers.

I pulled the charts from ESPN, so it was possible to cheat, but it’s more fun if we pretend like cheating isn’t a thing (except when it’s ULL doing it).

Go GTPDD Followers Pls Dont Die (at this quiz)

Out of the 22 people who completed the quiz, we had two perfect scores: Courtney H and Hayden Hicks. It’s still unknown if having a last name that starts with H helped in any way.

Anyway, here’s the full rundown of how everyone did:


*Note* The “me” answer choice isn’t me, the person writing this, but rather someone who said their name was “me.” Well, maybe there name is “me,” I shouldn’t judge.

Contestant Answer Breakdown

Because the quiz went up back in January, here’s a reminder of how everyone answered.

user chart.PNG

It’s worth mentioning that two contestants answered “Arkansas” for the final question, which was a team we did not play last year.

The Questions and Answers

Finally here’s how everyone did in aggregate, with the charts included:
















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