Today, we say goodbye to our original web address.

The “” portion of our URL has served us well to this point, but we at gtpdd want you to take us seriously as a purveyor of Louisiana Tech news. We want to be viewed as legitimate in the eyes of our hundreds¬†dozens of readers. We want you to find our content as easily as possible.

So with that being said, I hereby announce that we’ve purchased the “.com” extension and become!¬†

Wait…. nevermind. They’re telling me that is already owned by some sort of land development thing in Starkville. Mississippi State strikes again! Oh, and also, we totally don’t want you to take us seriously at all.

Once our dot com bubble burst, we decided to search far and wide to find the perfect URL to match our zany Tech-related antics.

Here are a few that we passed on that are totally real URLs you can purchase:


But ultimately, we decided to go with:!

But before we say our final goodbyes to, let’s take a look back at some of the highli–

Wait… nevermind. The old URL still works, too!


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