gtpdd’s Miami Preview

After trading Ryan Tannehill to the Tennesse Titans, the Miami Dolphins turned to Ryan Fitzpatrick to lead the team. But after a 4-11 record on the year, disappointm-

Oh. Right. We’re talking about the University of Miami Hurricanes. They should really stress the “U” part of their name to make sure this kind of mistake doesn’t happen.

Anyway, Tech faces off against the Hurricanes on Thursday afternoon at 3 central in beautiful Shreveport, Louisiana. Let’s preview it!

How to Watch

It’s on ESPN. If you have one sports channel, it’s probably this one.

Other People’s Predictions

  • ESPN FPI: Tech has a 27.9% chance to win
  • Massey: Tech has a 25% chance to win, 28-20 Miami
  • Vegas (OddsShark): Miami -6
  • SP+: Tech has a 23% chance to win, 31-18 Miami
  • BleedTechBlue: Tech wins, 31-27
  • NCAA 14 Simulation: Miami wins, 38-17

What to Watch For

We’ve loved him. We’ve hated him. Some have cheered for him, others have booed him. No matter what your thoughts are about QB1 at the moment, this will be the last time J’Mar Smith takes the field for the Bulldogs.


With a question mark of a quarterback situation going into next year, let’s just sit back and enjoy the performance of the QB with the 3rd most passing yards in a career at Tech.

And who knows, he could pass for 3,365 yards tomorrow and dethrone Luke McCown.

Hot Taeks

Nathan: Last year, Willie Baker had four sacks in the bowl game and was then over-hyped to be able to immediately replace Jaylon Ferguson. This year, let’s say freshman CB Brodrick Calhoun will snag two interceptions and instantly be dubbed the next Amik.

Evan: Miami just isn’t really hyped for this game. I predict that when the Bulldogs form their patented pre-game Bark Circle™, the Hurricanes will be so intimidated that they won’t even be a category 1.

A Miami Fan: We are going to get our a$$es blistered by La. Tech. Sad, get this damn season over with already. Not sure I have ever said that about a Canes season.

Contest Reminder/Update

Hey, go do the contest. Thanks, bye!

Final Predictions

Nathan: Miami is a much better team than they lead on. Their defense is scary, and their offense not great, but miles ahead of most of the teams Tech has faced. With the kicker position mostly figured out, the only thing that gives me hope is Miami’s plan to use the bowl game to prep for next year. Maybe that’s enough to give Tech an advantage? And never count out Bowl Game Skip.

Tech wins, 24-20

Evan: I know Miami is in a better conference, and they’re recruiting well, and they’re “good” or whatever… But Skip and the gang will be ready to go. If you’re betting against the Dogs in a Bowl Game at this point, you’re already lost.

Tech wins, 26-20

Josh: Miami should be the better team on paper, but Tech comes out way more motivated. It’s a close game in the first half, with the teams trading scores. Eventually Tech pulls away in the later 3rd and wins their 6th straight bowl.

Tech wins, 31-24

A (different) Miami fan: UM gets blown out tomorrow but I wanted to say… Merry Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza to everyone. I looked under my X-mas tree and I didn’t get a spread offense. But anyways,

Tech wins, 34-14

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