Introducing Jeremy Farrar: gtpdd’s Newest Contributor

Every once in a while, we at gtpdd get lazy feel the need to add additional voices and opinions to our ranks. We started out with the Three Amigos, but quickly added Nathan and Josh, then added Daniel Spencer a year after that. Now, we’re expanding the ranks once again to bring you the self-proclaimed Best Farrar Brother™.

Without further adieu, let’s get to know Jeremy.

Why should we care about your opinions about Tech?

Well, you really should not care about my opinions about Tech. I’m incredibly biased thinking Tech can win any game while also being laughably hopeless once those games start. BUT, I like football, pay attention to Tech, and have much more accurate opinions than my brother about football and life. For instance, I won my fantasy football league while Joshua Clifton Farrar placed 10th. Winners > losers. Checkmate. King me.

What brought you into Tech fandom?

Blood. I guess my relatives going here is the only reason why I know of this school in the first place. I transferred to Tech from UT Dallas (Go Comets?) back in December 2014 and it’s been a ride ever since. First experience as a part of Tech fandom was the Northwestern State game (editor’s note: what game?). I’ll never forget the fireworks going off in my first ever Tech loss. I couldn’t help thinking how it was too late for me to cancel my transfer paperwork.

What Tech moment got you the most hype?

Armed Forces bowl against Navy. Standing behind the field goal as Jonathan “Money” Barnes nailed the kick is my favorite Tech moment. Tech did not die and seeing us win the game from that angle was glorious. Honorable mention is storming the basketball court when Speedy broke the assist record.

When did Tech not going and also dying affect you the most?

3rd and 93 hands down. Seeing it happen live was already traumatizing, but having to see it replayed everywhere on social media was straight up embarrassing. It seems that Tech only makes national news when something terrible happens. Like when a certain women’s basketball coach was doinking one of his players.

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming season?

Tech at UT baby! So many story lines. I’ll be there to watch it with my girlfriend (UT Alum), myself (Oklahoma born/Tech fan), Josh (Supposedly born in Oklahoma and mediocre Tech fan), and our friend who also went to Tech. You also have UT having lost their past two season openers and old man Terry Bradshaw saying some whacky stuff. Should be a great time and I have all the hope in the world we pull out a W!

UT: 38

Tech: 3

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