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If you had asked me on Saturday afternoon what the worst case scenario would’ve been for Mississippi State’s visit to the Joe, I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere close to what actually happened. In front of the second largest crowd in Joe Aillet Stadium history, our Bulldogs did not go and also died. It was the flukiest, most WTF game of football I can ever remember watching.

Tech looked good at the very beginning of the game. The offense seemed to be working, the defense was shutting Nick Fitzgerald down, the crowd was loving every second of it. Amik-A-Boo Robertson had a pick-almost-6… things were great. Then everything, and I mean everything, fell apart.

I won’t go in to everything that happened over the next 53 or so minutes of the game, but here’s a quick synopsis. Tech scored its first and only offensive touchdown (with the starters in) and Barnes’s PAT was promptly blocked. A few series later, State blocked a punt for a touchdown. Then J’Mar threw a pick. Then J’Mar fumbled. At this point, State’s offense still looked like garbage, yet they led 23-9.

Surely the red and blue Bulldogs would find their rhythm offensively and continue building on their successes defensively.

[Ron Howard voice] They didn’t.

In the second half, practically nothing good happened. State marched the ball at will and Tech’s offense couldn’t get anything going. It was a rough night. When they finally got some drives put together, they fumbled. Multiple times. If there’s a play that perfectly encapsulates this game, it’s The Fumble™ that led to 3rd and 93.

When all was said and done, Tech lost 57-21. The first string offense was outscored by State’s Nose Tackle, for crying out loud.

Bright spot of the game:

Evan: Amik Robertson is really, really good. Even when he missed a tackle that led to a State touchdown, he responded by returning the ensuing blocked PAT for two points.

Josh: It’s gotta be Amik.

Nathan: Center play was better (minus that one play), but the o-line could not keep up the the #SECSpeed of Miss State’s pass rush. Next week will show if the group is able to hold its own in C-USA play.

Daniel S: The defense played very well considering what the offense was leaving them with. Perhaps one of the only bright spots in the game. The special teams as well with two blocked PATs.

The go tech pls dont die metric:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grbSQ6O6kbs&w=560&h=315]

gtpdd hot takes:

Evan: Not sure it’s possible to have a “hot take” after a game like that. I guess maybe for it to be a hot take I’d have to say something positive about the team? Hmm… My hot take is that this game will serve as the “kick in the pants” that motivates Tech and spurs a long winning streak. (I hope this is true)

Daniel A: Just gotta laugh at this one and move on. Or we should fold the football program. One of the two. Also Boston Scott is Tech’s best offensive player.

Josh: My hot taek is that the offense is awful.

Nathan: Tech is 0-1 in games where they returned a blocked extra point in the past 96 hours. Fire everyone!

Moment of the game:

Evan: This is a tiny thing, but when Jaqwis Dancy got into the game in garbage time, he was trucking people and running like we weren’t losing by 40 points. Dancy is fast and shifty, but it was great to see him do some power running between the tackles.

Daniel A: Amik Robertson’s interception return was fun and caused me to yell a whole lot.

Josh: Remember when we were up 9-0? That was fun.

Tales from the BBB game thread:

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Photoshop of the week:

MSU shop of the week

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