Week Two #gtpddContest Recap

Week two has come and gone (thankfully), and that means the #gtpddContest is starting to heat up! This week we had 32 entrants, with 92.5% of players from week one participating, along with 7 totally new players. Although the good Bulldogs did not out Bulldog the bad Bulldogs, there were plenty of fireworks in the contest!

This week’s winner is sethbot, who put up an impressive 18 points. sethbot actually outscored Tech’s starting offense. I’m not crying, you’re crying. The average amount of points scored was 9, down from 11 last week.

Sethbot’s impressive performance is good enough to land him at the top of the standings with 30 total points. Next up is Daniel Adams with 27, Daniel Spencer and Tyler Cloud with 26, and six players with 24 or 25 points.

This week’s biggest drop-off was suffered by Daniel Spencer, who won last week by scoring 18 but dropped down to 8 this week. The largest increase was put up by @ovnpls, who went from a last-place worthy 3 up to 12 this week.

Be sure to head here for all of your standings needs!

Just a quick note, I will probably do a prize for the person with the highest average (with at least 3 entries or something like that), so don’t fret if you’ve missed a week.

Here’s a deeper dive into this week:

Question 1: Who will win the game?

Correct Answer: Mississippi State

Results: 53% of entrants hate Tech chose the correct answer and gained two points.

Question 2: How many points will the winning team win by?

Correct Answer: 36 points.

Results: Of the 17 people to pick Mississippi State to win, only one picked them to win by enough to score points. Congrats to Tyler Cloud, whose guess of 34 points was good enough to score him 4 points here.

Question 3: Predict the announced attendance at the game.

Correct Answer: 28,100

Results: This question was a little bit easier than it usually is. With an SEC foe coming to town, there was a lot of hype surrounding the game. That made most fairly certain it would be a sellout–or at least close to it. Only 25% of players did not get any partial credit for this question. Several picked 28,000 flat, but Daniel Adams was the closest, with a guess of 28,019.

Question 4: How many punts will occur in the third quarter?

Correct Answer: 1

Results: Thanks to Tech being infested with the turnover bug, there was a grand total of 1 punt in the third quarter. Most people guessed 3, which was good enough for 1 point. Only 1 person, Jonathan Ruppel, got full credit for his answer. Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 12.40.07 PM

Question 5: How many rushing yards will Tech have in the game?

Correct answer: 152

Results: This question saw a remarkable 7 people fall within 10 yards of being exactly correct (and thus scoring 5 points). No one hit the nail right on the head, but Stephen S. came the closest with his guess of 153. The median answer was actually 157 yards, which also would’ve been good enough for full points. chart-2

Question 6: True or False, Louisiana Tech will run more plays than Mississippi State?

Correct Answer: True.

Results: Louisiana Tech ran 80 offensive plays, while Mississippi State only ran 60. 56.3% of respondents got this correct and gained 3 points.

Bonus: True or False: The total number of penalties committed (and accepted) by both teams will outnumber the amount of Mississippi State first downs.

Correct Answer: False.

Results: This wasn’t a great question. My bad on that. Mississippi State had 21 first downs, which wasn’t even close to the 8 total penalties committed and accepted in the game. 87.5% of y’all got this right.




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