Week 4 #gtpddContest Recap

As some of you know, I was at the game this weekend in Columbia, SC. In the interest of pushing the scores out as quickly as possible, I’m not going to do the full write-up that I’ve done in previous weeks.

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This week, the scoring was lower than it has been thus far, with players dipping down to an average of 8 points. The highest score this week was 14, gained by Nick Winters.

The overall standings didn’t change much this week. Daniel Adams retains his place at the top of the leaderboard with 54 points. Justin Brazzel is in 2nd with 48 points. Three players (Evan S, Matt G, and Brian Smith) trail Daniel by 10 in 3rd place. 

The correct answers were as follows:

  1. Who will win?
    1. South Carolina
  2. By how many points?
    1. 1 point
  3. How will the first TD of the game be scored?
    1. Pass (J’Mar to Veal)
  4. How many yards will Tech have?
    1. 361 yards
  5. How many combined penalty yards will there be?
    1. 33
  6. Which team will have a higher average return yardage across all three categories?
    1. Tech (23>12.3)
  7. What season of the year was Tech’s first scorer born in?
    1. Fall. Jonathan Barnes was born in October 1994.

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