Week One #gtpddContest is now available!

🎶It’s the most wonderful time of the year🎵


For us here at gtpdd, that means it’s time for the first weekly gtpdd Contest. This week, you’ll answer questions like “Who will win the opening coin toss?”, “How many players, on both teams, will have a passing attempt in the game?” and my personal favorite, “Predict the third letter of the last name of the first player on either team to score a touchdown in the game.”

Here is a link to the first contest, open now

Before you head on over, why not take a look at the glorious prize you’re playing for?

Our good friend Kyle Kight used his new 3D printer to design and print us a trophy that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of gtpdd. Here is his early test print of the trophy: 21191020_10214161073600349_1514220528_o

The trophy will be awarded at the end of the season to the player who scores the most points in our weekly contests, so compete away! Good luck to everyone (except Daniel Adams; #teamNotDaniel)!

Here is a link to the first contest, open now

You can participate at this link for the remainder of the season. The contest opens at Noon central time on the Wednesday of each game week. It will remain open until right around kickoff time (no late answers will be accepted!). Results will be posted each week, hopefully by Tuesday, and reported on our contest page and on our Twitter feed.

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