Week One Contest recap!

The first gtpdd contest is in the books! We’ve already passed last year’s number of total participants! In just week one, we had 27 entries in the contest. The Bulldogs beat the Demons on the field, but how did everyone perform off the field?

The big winner of week one is gtpdd’s own Daniel Spencer, who started off hot with 18 points (out of a total 25). Obvious troll Poopface actually scored 4 points which is good enough for second worst!

Question 1: Who will win the game?

Answer: Louisiana Tech

Results: 92.5% of entrants got this question correct.

Question 2: How many points will the winning team win by?

Answer: 28

Results: The majority of players got at least partial credit for this answer. 33% of players got no points, as they either picked NSU to win, or picked Tech to win by too little or too much. The average points scored was 2.0.

Question 3: Who will win the opening coin toss?

Answer: Louisiana Tech

Results: 11 players guessed correctly and scored 2 points.

Question 4: How many passing yards will Tech QBs combine for?

Answer: 276

Results: 26% of players got no credit for this answer. The average points scored on this question was 2.14. One player, Lucky Lew, was only off by one yard and was the only player that scored five points on this question.

Question 5: How much time will elapse before the first points are scored.

Answer: The first points were scored after one minute and thirty-three seconds.

Results: Five players got full credit, while only three got no credit at all. Players scored an average of 2.4 points on this question.

Question 6: How many players (on both teams) will have a passing attempt in the game?

Answer: Four. While Tech only used J’Mar, NSU had three players throw a pass in the game.

Results: 33% of players got this question correct.

Bonus: Predict the third letter of the last name of the first player (on either team) to score a touchdown in the game.

Answer: NSU Wideout Jaylen WaTson scored the first touchdown of the game.

Results: 19% of respondents picked the correct range (P thru T).

Here are the results in their full glory!

Note: if you see any scoring errors, please let me know ASAP and I’ll fix them. Leave a comment below or hit us up on twitter.

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRhSGBFVCw8udVUqof7_JDQMWdAdmx1Gd2tios26MRXp0-e6ElByX56hW9uUalF2mdlWFsxLR0bbv5S/pubhtml” query=”gid=1997554101&single=true&widget=true&headers=false” /]

You can view the full standings here all season long.

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