Week Seven #gtpddContest Recap

I hate everything. This contest. College Football. You name it, I hate it.

Thanks, Tech!

I’ll recap the stupid, dumb contest that I hate anyway.

As always, head to the Standings Page for up to date standings information.

Let me start out by saying this: It was a very bad weekend for the Spencer family. We had four participants in the contest…three of us (myself, Matthew, and Daniel) each put up a whopping ZERO points. Shoutout to Stephen for keeping it real with 3 points, giving us an average of 0.75 between us!

This week, we had 29 participants who put up an average of 5.4 points. Apparently my questions stunk almost as badly as Tech’s fourth quarter.

The big winner was Brian Smith, who somehow managed to put up 15 points in this clunker of a week. Jess, Taylor Young, and Lucky Lew came in second with 12 points.

The standings got a whole lot more interesting this week. Daniel Adams retained his spot at the top (87 points), but his lead has dwindled down to 6 points after a 6 point performance this week. Brian Smith’s first place finish has him lurking in second now, with 81 points. After that, there’s a 10 point drop off to Lucky Lew in third place (71 points), followed by Nathan (70 points), and finally Evan, who dropped from second to fifth because 68 points just felt so cozy!

Here’s a nifty chart that shows the standings with this weeks points included: Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 11.43.57 AM

Without further ado, here are the questions for week 7:

Question 1: Which team will win the game?

Answer: Southern Miss

Results: 5 players got this right. Coincidentally, these 5 players were the top scorers this week.

Question 2: How many points will the winning team win by?

Answer: 7

Results: The 5 players that could have scored on this question scored big. Only one person, Jess, got it exactly right, though.

Question 3: Which team will possess the ball at the start of the second quarter?

Answer: Tech

Results: 62% of respondents answered this one correctly and picked up 2 points.

Question 4: Predict the yardage of Louisiana Tech’s longest offensive play from scrimmage in the game.

Answer: 82 yards

Results: Marlon Watts’ crazy and seemingly game-sealing catch and run broke the previous long play of 45 yards. Only 3 people scored points on this one, with @realSkipHoltz getting the closest at 69 yards. Shoutout to Phil Robertson, whose answer was “My personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Question 5: Predict the announced attendance at the game.

Answer: 17,815

Results: Sheesh. That’s really low. I know we lost to UAB, but c’mon. Three people scored, with TDAWG coming the closest at 19,000.

Question 6: True or False: Louisiana Tech will have at least one RB or WR that gains 125+ yards in one category.

Answer: False.

Results: Marlon Watts was sooooo close with 121 yards. Boston Scott had 106 yards on 11 carries, too. (FEED HIM, SKIP). 55% of respondents got this one right.

Bonus:  If you plotted the hometown of each touchdown scorer from both teams on a map and then located the geographic midpoint between all of these locations, would the point be east or west of the Mississippi River?

Answer: East

Results: TD scorers: J’Mar Smith (Meridian, MS), Boston Scott (Baton Rouge, LA), Darryl Lewis (New Orleans, LA), Ito Smith (Mobile, AL), and Korey Robertson (Greenwood, MS). The geographic midpoint of these cities is in Sumrall, MS…east of the Mississippi River. Full disclosure, this is one of my favorite questions I’ve ever made. I wish there had been more TD scorers to make it a little more interesting. Here’s a map of all those points plotted: Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 10.46.39 AM

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