Week Three #gtpddContest Recap

The WKU edition of the gtpdd Contest saw 29 participants, with three new entrants joining the fray. 22 people have participated in all three weeks thus far. Let’s look at the scoring!

The average score this week was 9.86, which basically splits the difference between week one (11) and week two (9). The big winner (grrrr) was Daniel Adams, who put up an amazing 19 point performance–the best we’ve seen yet this year. Daniel actually aced questions 5 and 6, but we’ll get into that later.

Daniel Adams’s strong showing puts him back atop the gtpdd leaderboard, with a commanding 46 points scored so far this season. Seven points behind in second place is Daniel Spencer with 39. In third with 37 points, there’s a three way tie between yours truly, OL3, and Justin Brazzel.

The largest gain between weeks two and three came from Chance, who jumped up by 11 points from 4 to 15. On the other side, week two’s fearless champion sethbot dropped from 18 to 5 points, and also slid down the leaderboard to seventh.

Head here to check out the standings!

Question 1: Which team will win the game?

Correct Answer: Louisiana Tech

Results: 79% of entrants picked Tech to win and picked up 2 points.

Question 2: How many points will the winning team win by?

Correct Answer: 1 point

Results: No one was close enough to being correct (within 1) to gain 5 points. However, 7 of the 23 players that predicted Tech would win were close enough to get 4 points. People assumed this game would be close, just not THAT close.

Question 3: Which team will receive the third kickoff of the game?

Correct Answer: Western Kentucky

Results: This one was as close to 50/50 as we could get. Ultimately, 14 entrants chose WKU and picked up the points here.

Question 4: Predict the total number of passing yards gained by both teams in the game.

Correct Answer: 532 yards

Results: 3 people hit the 5 point sweet spot, with the closest guesser being Jrmy.


Question 5: How many Louisiana Tech offensive possessions will not lead to touchdowns?

Correct Answer: 10

Results: Tech did not score many touchdowns, but that didn’t make this question any easier. Two contestants aced it–Taylor Young and Daniel Adams. Amazingly, 12 people picked 5 for their answer!Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 10.00.49 PM

Question 6: How many players (on both teams) will catch a pass in the game?

Correct Answer: 15

Results: This one was also tricky. Amazingly, Dirty Dan Adams aced it, picking a perfect 15. mupshaw02 also aced the question, earning 5 points. 45% of people scored some points on this one, with 16 people underestimating the passing games of both teams and undershooting the correct answer range.


Question 7: Will J’Mar Smith have more passing yards in the first or second half?

Correct Answer: First Half

Results: A very nice percentage of participants were wrong. 31% were right and picked up 1 point.


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