Houston Baptist aka A Sonny Dykes Minigame

Post-Game Reaction

Nathan: I have definitely seen worse performances by Tech against FCS schools. It was nice to see a bunch of receivers get involved and I’m starting to think Greg Garner doesn’t even show up to the stadium until two hours after kickoff. Defense can still improve, but it looked much better than the beginning of last week’s game.

And it was nice to be kinda bored by the end of the game, after all the excitement last week.

Evan: Full disclosure, I got married on Saturday at 6:00 pm. So let’s just say that this game wasn’t exactly my… top priority at that moment. My (new) wife did, however, include that she would stand by me in good times and bad, and specifically mentioned Tech games as an example of both. So it’s safe to say that she gets it, and me, to the fullest possible extent. She also told me to put the game on my phone during our “reception,” so I guess I’ll try to recap what I saw here in this post!

Josh: I wasn’t able to watch the whole game, but I did see my fair share of highlights courtesy of the LATech Football twitter account. So uh, Luke Anthony is the guy, right? He played incredibly well (yeah, yeah FCS school) and Allen didn’t get a whole lot of time this game. Wayne Toussant looked awesome as well so let’s get him more involved in the game plan for sure.

Did Tech Die

Nathan: Like last week, it took a bit for Tech to wake up, but once they did, they were very much alive.

Evan: I can’t really say with full certainty, but the context clues and empirical evidence seem to suggest that we did not die, and my wedding day was saved from also being “that time we lost to a bad FCS team.”

Josh: no

Moment of the Game

Nathan: Luke Anthony starts the game, and plays pretty well. When it’s finally Aaron Allen’s time to try to prove himself, BeeJay Williamson had just returned an interception to the 3 yard line. So all Allen can do is hand the ball of to Henderson for the score. Allen got a real chance on the next drive, but it felt borderline-mean to have that be his first drive.

Evan: My favorite moment of the night was when Kathryn almost busted her ass and our officiant said “Don’t worry, we’ll help you up if you fall, but only after we stop laughing!” Oh wait, moment of “the game”? Uhhh… I saw BeeJay Williamson’s almost pick-six… that was cool!

Josh: That one TD to Toussant, you know, that one.

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