Marshall Recap aka At Least Vegas Isn’t Mad This Time

Post-Game Reaction

Evan: I’ve had a few days to think about my reaction to this game, and I think what I’ve settled on is this: In 2020, there really isn’t a “we aren’t playing up to our potential.” What I mean by that is that in a “normal” year, to have three miserable offensive performances in a row would feel like some crazy anomaly. It would have me saying “I know we can make these adjustments and be better!” In sports, it’s natural to assume that MY team being mediocre is just some trick by the universe. “We’re not reaching our potential!” is a common refrain for any fanbase outside of Tuscaloosa and Anderson County, SC. But this year, I’m beginning to understand that what we see week to week is what we are. There isn’t some mystical land where Tech’s QBs have 5 seconds to throw, where our defensive line creates havoc in the backfield; this isn’t some rainbows and gumdrops fairytale. Until we see otherwise, we’re a bad offense with really, really talented WRs who never get the ball because the quarterback is on his back in 0.5 seconds.

Nathan: While Evan may have transcended denial, I haven’t left. We may have lost by 18, but if we just fix the exterior blocking problem, I think we could have won this.

Did Tech Die

Evan: Yep. No doubt about it. Didn’t go, and also died.

Nathan: Even though Luke Anthony spent most of his night running for his life, Tech did in fact die.

Moment of the Game

Evan: Aaron Allen’s TD pass in garbage time to Isaiah Graham showed exactly how to beat pressure. Stand in the pocket and make a throw. Don’t tuck the ball and run backwards. That play was one of a few that gave me hope that something good could still happen this season!

Nathan: Tech’s drive to end the first half minus the last play. The Bulldogs strung together a bunch of first downs and gave me hope, just for everything to snap back to reality. (oh, there goes gravity)

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