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Week Two #gtpddContest Now Open!

Head on over to the Contest page to participate. You have until 6:30 PM CDT on Saturday to get your answers in. Also, in case you missed it, head on over to the Standings page to see how you did in week one (or check out the week one recap).

2017 gtpdd Season Preview

The 2017 football season is almost upon us. What would any new football season be without a bunch of semi-informed homers giving their takes on what’s to come? Not to be left out, gtpdd has produced this comprehensive dive into the most important questions facing Bulldog fans entering the season. Let’s dive right in.

What is gtpdd?

So you’ve stumbled across gtpdd. Right about now, you’re probably questioning the life choices that brought you to the blog of a group of uberdedicated Louisiana Tech fans. You’re also probably thinking “what the hell is gtpdd, anyway?” Well, first off, “gtpdd” stands for “go tech pls dont die.” It’s an exclamation best uttered before …

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