The Walk-on Walk-off

It’s a scenario every baseball-loving kid has played out a million times in their head: The bottom of the ninth. Tie game. The championship is on the line. A single swing of the bat can win the game. And the former walk-on Steele Netterville got to live that childhood dream. On a 2-1 count… Netterville …

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The New Love Shack Kicks Ass 2.0: #CONFIRMED

The new Love Shack is a place where pure pandemonium is on the cusp of breaking loose at any moment. Where deafening cheers are heard, voices are lost, and hearts are filled with joy. It’s a place where Tech has already won some incredibly momentous games in its inaugural season…. and we’re not done yet.

What if We’re All Just Living in a Baseball Simulation?

Since simulated sports using video games have started to catch on (even if we were here first), you know it couldn’t have been long before we did some Tech baseball simulations. But while we could use downloadable rosters that others made for our NCAA Football 14 simulations, there hasn’t been a college baseball video game since MVP 07 …

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