(Leads) Blown Away

In only eleven games played this season, Louisiana Tech has already blown two huge leads: a 16-point lead at Louisiana-Lafayette a month ago, and a 17-point lead to Marshall at home last weekend. In a six-game stretch, the Bulldogs managed to suffer through two of the worst four blown losses in the Konkol-era: Like with

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Free Throwing Shade

An average player typically shoots their best percentage shots from the free throw line, followed by normal two-point shots, followed by three-point land. For example, Amorie Archibald is 93% from the stripe, 54% from two, and 34% from three this year. But DaQuan Bracey, one of Tech’s most electric athletes, is no typical player. For

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Preparing for Departure

Another year, another round of Tech fans calling for the basketball coach’s firing due to transferring players: To be fair to hot taeks like this, Tech fans have every reason to be this upset. The duo of Duruji and Langston won’t exactly be the easiest to replace. The Bulldogs did get quite a bit

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