Nathan Ruppel

A New Love

315 to left. 370 to left-center. 385 to straightaway. 340 to the scoreboard in right-center. 325 to the foul pole in right. The tornado that ripped through Ruston in the early hours of April 25th destroyed J.C. Love Field beyond repair. The roof crumbled, the scoreboard fell, and the structure was eventually condemned. But what

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On the Road Again

If the 2018-19 basketball season had a theme, it would be road losses. The Dunkin’ Dawgs lost ten of their fourteen games away from the Thomas Assembly Center. And only one of those victories came when it counted the most: conference play. It’s fortunate that curse didn’t rub off on the baseball program, because 12

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Preparing for Departure

Another year, another round of Tech fans calling for the basketball coach’s firing due to transferring players: To be fair to hot taeks like this, Tech fans have every reason to be this upset. The duo of Duruji and Langston won’t exactly be the easiest to replace. The Bulldogs did get quite a bit

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