Nathan Ruppel

What if We’re All Just Living in a Baseball Simulation?

Since simulated sports using video games have started to catch on (even if we were here first), you know it couldn’t have been long before we did some Tech baseball simulations. But while we could use downloadable rosters that others made for our NCAA Football 14 simulations, there hasn’t been a college baseball video game since MVP 07 […]

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Free Throwing Shade

An average player typically shoots their best percentage shots from the free throw line, followed by normal two-point shots, followed by three-point land. For example, Amorie Archibald is 93% from the stripe, 54% from two, and 34% from three this year. But DaQuan Bracey, one of Tech’s most electric athletes, is no typical player. For

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The UL Belt

Ah, 2006. It was such a simpler time. Video replay was in its infancy. There was no controversial college football playoffs. And current conference-mate ODU was in the initial steps of reviving their football team (years before the idea even crossed UAB’s bot-controlled mind). But simple as the times were, things were not great in

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