Top Five Times Tech Did Not Go and Also Died

In this opening weekend, Louisiana Tech plays Northwestern State. Anybody who followed Tech football in 2014 remembers the last time these two teams played. Well, almost everyone. Some of us have blocked out the entire day of September 20, 2014, Total Recall style.

2017 gtpdd Season Preview

The 2017 football season is almost upon us. What would any new football season be without a bunch of semi-informed homers giving their takes on what’s to come? Not to be left out, gtpdd has produced this comprehensive dive into the most important questions facing Bulldog fans entering the season. Let’s dive right in.

Do We Want J’Mar?

On September 3, 2016 Louisiana Tech almost beat an SEC team with a starting quarterback that had never seen the collegiate field before. J’Mar Smith had a stellar game and set the bar that Ryan Higgins had to beat to solidify himself in the starting QB role. When Higgins struggled early following his suspension, fans …

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