Week Ten #gtpddContest Recap

This is gonna be a short recap because I’m short on time. I went camping last weekend instead of watching the game, and it was very fun! The game didn’t seem very fun! Head over to the standings page to see the standings. Duh. You get it by now!

Week Nine #gtpddContest Recap

Another week, another one point loss. I’m becoming numb to it, yet I’m still not picking it in the contest for some reason. Oh well, without further ado, here’s your week nine contest recap. As always, head over to the standings page for a comprehensive look at the season’s standings. 

Week 9 #gtpddContest now available!

We’ve got 4 weeks left to go! (plus hopefully at least one extra game!) That means there’s still time to join in on the gtpdd contest and compete for the highest average trophy! As usual, head over to the Contest page to play.  Go make me proud, people!  

Week Seven #gtpddContest Recap

I hate everything. This contest. College Football. You name it, I hate it. Thanks, Tech! I’ll recap the stupid, dumb contest that I hate anyway. As always, head to the Standings Page for up to date standings information.

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